Al Fattan Sky Towers

A visual symphony that pays homage to the digital age in which Dubai thrives, Al Fattan Sky Towers are without competition – a unique eye catcher for fastidious investors allured by residential luxury set right where the city and the world are within in reach. Perfect location, splendid architecture, and gorgeous interiors make Al Fattan Sky Towers the consummate choice of those who understand what it takes to stay on top.

Welcome to Al Fattan Sky Towers – a fully 21st century vertical home environment inspired by our binary world where modernity has come to mean two things: luxury and convenience.  For its enviable location, cutting edge façade and the fantastic 360° views it commands, the city has easily distinguished Al Fattan Sky Towers as its newest iconic landmark. Arriving at the lobby for a quick visit to the residences and wellness-based amenities and retail podium, you’ll soon be imagining a premium home of your own in Al Fattan Sky Towers.

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