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Established in 1974, Al Fattan Properties is a leading organization in creating spectacular landmark projects over the last 47 years helping build a reputation that made it the company in the local and regional markets. With a clear vision that focuses on enhancing its contribution to the development of the UAE, Al Fattan Properties strives to sustain the highest standards and best business practices that are clearly embodied throughout its projects.

  • Chairman's Message
  • History
  • Our Driving Force
  • Why Al Fattan

Message from the Chairman

When I started Al Fattan Properties 47 years ago, the determined and visionary leadership of the United Arab Emirates made me certain of success ahead. It didn’t matter that I could only see deserts around, our leaders pointed towards a clear vision and inspired confidence and unwavering zeal that truly paid off. Over the years, we’ve developed areas and delivered projects that now form an inimitable portfolio of first class properties in highly select locations.

Today, Al Fattan Properties has the distinguished status of a developer par excellence. Our savvy land banking, value creation, and abiding commitment to quality and innovation have put us in a league of our own engendering brand prestige incomparable to that of any other privately owned real estate company in Dubai. Our projects are not structures that mushroomed just anywhere. They are masterfully designed residential addresses and commercial centers that are landmarks for the city and benchmarks for the industry. For our valued investors, our properties are treasure coves yielding legendary returns.

Despite the many achievements, we will never say we’ve done enough. From the beginning, our mission has always been bigger than ourselves. Al Fattan Properties was borne out of a fateful call to be a concomitant support for the nation, a steady wind beneath the wings of our nation’s leaders to whom we have pledged our timeless loyalty. Until today, HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is unmatched for the speed and dynamism with which he takes Dubai on a sustained upward economic and social development.  With him at the helm, we’re sure of a future even brighter than today. Hence, we continue to pull our weight in nation building and grow bigger along the way.

I am delighted to welcome you to Al Fattan Properties. Begin to explore our distinctive world. You’ll soon see how we turn visions into profitable and enchanting realities.


Our Driving Force

Behind our expanding portfolio, growing staff strength, and solid industry leadership are key elements that together coalesce into a powerful driving force that keeps us at the forefront of the Dubai property market.


We believe in HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s visionary leadership and align all our endeavours in real estate and beyond with the government’s master plan for nation building.


To continually set new benchmarks in real estate as we continue expanding our portfolio of exclusively premium property developments that fulfill the aspiration for rewarding lifestyles and profitable investments.


To conceive, develop and deliver for a select clientele strategically-located, quality lifestyle property developments designed in harmony with our traditional family values and beliefs.


Our every pursuit must be guided by wisdom and compassion, inspired by innovation, pursued with integrity and perseverance, and delivered with efficiency and excellence.


Individually and collectively, the people of Al Fattan are the builders of our success. We uphold the success of the individual as the key element in our powerful synergy.


Every project of Al Fattan Properties is a result of careful studies, designed to give end users a distinctive lifestyle and commercial advantage, and reward investors with investment returns that exceed expectations.

Why Al Fattan

Over the years, we have developed a loyal following among an elite and discriminating clientele who understand the distinctiveness and attributes of fully premium property developments.

One vision with Dubai

We’ve been around ever since Dubai made that first wide stride towards modernization. We have its pulse and know where it is heading. We develop projects in step with Dubai’s master plan for development.

A step ahead of others

Because we know the Dubai masterplan, our land banking is strategic. In fact, many of our projects were pioneers in their respective areas and subsequently opened the door for other developers to build.

Secure Investment

We’ve only sold what we have delivered. This is the strongest communication of our financial strength and integrity. We fully fund our projects and let buyers touch and experience our properties before they purchase.

Rewarding and Profitable

We build to offer our clientele distinctive lifestyles and to reward our investors with profitable returns on investments. It’s how we pursue both in perfect balance that keeps our clientele loyal and growing.

Lasting Legacy

Check every project we have delivered. They may have been built a decade ago, but they still set market standards in terms of value and quality. That’s because we build landmarks that stand the test of time and the vicissitudes of economics.